There are many ways you can help us.


Donate money: This will be used to

  • Education and training of health and community workers.
  • Training materials and support for organisations implementing the MotoAid program.
  • Spare parts for bikes involved in program to increase safety and reliability.
  • Help us fund our volounteers to increase the mechanical and riding skills of Timorese community and health workers. They donate their time and skills, We pay for flights.  Local communities in Timor often provide accommodation and meals but we sometimes need to help cover these costs.
  • Help us cover the shipping costs to send over safety gear, tools and spare parts through Rotary donations in kind.

Donate gear. Australian standard safety gear, helmets, jackets, gloves that you no longer use or need. Contact us to find out where to drop them off.

Donate Tools.  Quality tools are hard to find.  If you have any you no longer need contact us.

Donate your time:  Volounteer– Are you a mechanic or qualified rider trainer.  We are building a team of MotoAid trainers to go to Timor and run programs. Contact us now for more information.