Teaming With Luta Batura

The Problem

In July 2015 two Luta ba Futuru staff were killed in a single motor bike accident. Most people use motorbikes for travel because it is the most efficient way in Timor-Leste’s difficult conditions. Poor roads, or no roads, torrential rain, fog, untrained drivers, poor road rules and a lack of understanding of the benefits of motor bike maintenance all contribute to the accidents that occur regularly. People are often hurt or die as a result of motorbike accidents.

Who is Luta ba Futuru?

Luta ba Futuru is an NGO situated in the District of Manufahi in Timor-Leste’s southern highlands. The work of the organisation includes bringing clean water and toilets to people in rural and remote communities, agriculture projects to help improve food production and security, advocacy to ensure that development is transparent and accountable, education and training to raise awareness and capacity of people to effectively participate in activities that will improve their lives.

The organisation has a good history of project implementation and is well respected in the community. In all projects gender equality, youth, children and people with disabilities are included. Luta Ba Futuru  has 28 staff, 16 on contracts and 15 volunteer staff. Over 93% of the staff are under the age of 35.

Luta Ba Futuru, Same District