Previous Projects

Making Movies!

In September, Katrina donated her time and expertise to help us make training videos for LBF to use when they deliver the MotoAid training to essential service providers in Timor Leste.  

Working in quite difficult conditions, on the front porch, in torrential rain, using interpreters, Katrina made a series of videos under each priority area MotoSafe, MotoFix, MotoRide and MotoManage.  

Not only will the use of these terrific visual aids enable learning, it also ensures our program is delivered consistently at the high standard we require.  

With limited internet, limited electricity, dealing with Ian’s movie star antics, Katrina managed to get the training videos made.  

A highlight for me was her videoed interview with the Chief of Police to highlight the importance of knowing and following basic road rules like doing up your helmet.

There were many take 2″s, a lot of fun and laughter but it was a massive job and hugely appreciated.  Thankyou Katrina!  

Teaming with Luta Ba Futuru, September 2016.

MotoAid delivers a program designed to be run and managed independently by the organisations we work with.  This makes it sustainable.  

In September, Fiona, Ian and Katrina spent a week in Same to continue the work with Luta Ba Futuru. Friends of Same, a Melbourne based NGO have generously agreed to fund the wage of Teixera, Luta Ba Futuru’s transport manager.

Luta Ba Futuru Bikes lined up before first day of training
Performing the daily safety check
Safe rider training: Luta Ba Futuru and Water Aid
Safe rider training on Same air strip

APRIL 2016: Project Same with Luta Ba Futuru

In April 2016 Michael and Ian traveled to Same to implement the MotoAid program with Luta Ba Futuru.

They have been working hard since then, employing a transport manager with the assistance of Friends of Same.  

The transport manager is a crucial aspect of the program.  They oversee the daily checking of bikes, complete basic maintenance , organise  spare parts, and complete the necessary paperwork to show the work is being done.

They ensure safety gear is worn, checked in and checked out. Luta Ba Futuru  are committed to improving the quality of the fleet of bikes available for staff to ensure they are safe and reliable.  Luta Ba Futuru Facebook

Ian educating staff on importance of safety gear
Mick Bubb overseeing safe rider training


25 October 2015 – Sausage Sizzle at MotoHeaven’s Showroom Launch

5-13 November 2015 – Timor November 2015 – Training teams from BP Clinic and Hiam Health .