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What’s in store for this year ?

Over 2020 we plan to train the midwives in Timor-Leste who use motorbikes to deliver care to women and babies. We will train them in basic motorbike maintenance and riding skills. Because yes, that’s right, these midwives and the patients they treat depend on motorbikes coming to them to bring them the treatment and healthcare they need.

Nurses, doctors and community healthcare workers across Timor use motorbikes. If these break down there’s no RACV to pick them up, and often no workshop to fix them up. Without a motorbike there’s no way to provide crucial healthcare. We provide training on safe riding and basic daily mechanical checks. This keeps healthcare workers safe, and keeps the motorbikes on the road.

We’re planning a trip to train the midwives in the first half of this year – updates to follow! In the meantime we are always looking for donations of ladies motorbike gloves, helmets and jackets. Please contact us to arrange pick-up.

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